Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Underthinking Pilot Season: Stalker

Cat here. Look, I'm not proud of it but I ended up watching the pilot of Stalker today. I didn't take any notes. I just decided to let the craziness wash over me. Here are some thoughts.

Oh, very clever. There are two detectives and one has been stalked while another is a stalker. Parallels! Also, why are the female detectives so irritable?

Well, they certainly started with a bang. I'm not sure throwing gasoline at people and self-immolation is the usual M.O. of stalkers but I'm sure they did their research.

God, there are a lot of recognizable actors in this show. Look, it's Wendell from Bones! And Serena from Law & Order! And... that girl. Hold on. I can get it. It's coming to me... Nope. I had to look it up on imdb. Mariana Klaveno plays Peri on Devious Maids.

They decided to end the episode with cover of Creep. Because that's totally original.

Final Conclusion: Unless you're really looking for something darker but also more bland to add to the list of procedurals you watch on a regular basis, I'd say skip Stalker. In spite of the fire and explosions, it's not that exciting or compelling. There are hours of cop series on Netflix. Watch one of those or the reruns that have now migrated beyond the bounds of TNT.