Thursday, October 16, 2014

Underthinking Pilot Season: The Mysteries of Laura

Cat here. So I watch Castle. I watched Bones (I had to give it up when it just became too unbearable). I don't mind a lighthearted little procedural. How bad could this be?

Action packed, attention grabbing opening? Check.

There is a curious lack of tension with this armed suspect running around a ton of innocent bystanders and small children. I get that you don't want people to panic but maybe exercise a little more urgency?

"Don't be stupid, lady."
"Excuse me, it's detective, and I really think you should put the gun down. I'm a little type A and I practice all the time with this thing."
That would have been so much better without the last sentence.

So far they're doing a bang up job of making it clear that she's messy and has a mothering instinct.

Ponytail and suit. Let me guess, is she this show's Santiago?

Why does she apparently get along with all the men in the precinct but not the other female officer? Well, I did see another female cop through a glass partition but she didn't have speaking lines or get a name so I feel like that doesn't count.

When did they start allowing people to say "bitch" and "douchebag" on primetime network TV?

So her soon to be ex-husband is an even bigger slacker when it comes to personal relationships but he also happens to be a lieutenant? Oh, show. You're so full of contradictions.

I liked the scene of her singing to herself in her car. What can I say? I'm a sucker for singing.

She enjoys imbibing liquor and has a healthy appetite. I'm learning so much about this strikingly unique female character.

Well that was a really weird setup for a murder. I guess the old fashioned way of discovering a body on police procedurals was just too simple? And they needed to get in those rich people jokes? Speaking of jokes, there are a lot of them. Bad ones.

"You will figure it out. You're very resourceful. That's what I love about you."
Nice job sidestepping any responsibility there.

On the list of stereotypical gay characters, I feel like the investigative aide is not that bad. The bouncer they meet in the next scene though? Why, guys? Why do you do this?

Thinly veiled excuse to get Debra Messing in a swimsuit as well as show off a bunch of fit young extras? Check.

"He left the girly file case in his car parked with the valet across the street from the girly Tai Chi class on the Highline."
Ooo, bad show.

Questionable blackmailing and means of searching a vehicle...

She drinks soup sloppily. Are most of her "quirks" going to be food related. Is this what they teach in female character writing 101?

That was a nice moment of empathy between Debra Messing and the suspect. I would listen to an audiobook she narrated.

Oh, good. Characters telling her what a good mom she is.

Well, I didn't see that ending coming. Mainly because that would have been a good actor to keep on the show. But the actual ending? Well, that was pretty obvious.

Final Conclusion: It's watchable. It's not a great show but if you're looking for something kind of innocuous and familiar it fits the bill. It's not a show you need to catch every week but I've seen worse. It's more in line with the Monk's and Psych's which include a lot of the protagonist's life in the content of the show and less like the Castle's and Bones' which downplay that aspect for the case of the week. I don't find her home and family life that compelling so I think that holds this show back from being as easily digestible as a procedural as it could be.